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Mate Speak January 21, 2008

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“Um, hon…” = I am about to do, say or attempt to do or say something that is really going to piss you off.


The Cookie Formerly Known as “Uh-Oh!”

It’s not a secret that I have a love affair with cookies. And cake. And… ok, almost anything that is a sweet treat, I’m there. But, I have my favorites, just like everyone else, and while I’m usually a soft, chewy cookie kind of gal, there’s one cookie that seems to top ’em all.

I’m crazy for Oreo’s. Not just the regular or Double Stuf variety, either. Oh no, not me- that would be too simple. While there isn’t an Oreo I’d refuse (or stop at one ..or six.. at) there is one Oreo that makes my heart, and taste buds, go mad.

I am absolutely nuts for the Golden Oreo’s with chocolate creme. These are the cookies I hide from the children, seriously. Isn’t that awful? I mean, sometimes we buy extras with cookies or donuts, whatever, so Jim and I can have a little something for ourselves, but I hide entire bags of these cookies from my children. And eat them on the sly.

Why am I devoting an entire post to cookies?? Especially cookies of the not baked by me variety? Because Jim recently re-discovered these for me, and I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy them. Which is, obviously, a lot. But, I’m mainly devoting a post to cookies because it’s a guilty pleasure. A simple pleasure- something that makes me super happy and takes almost no effort on anyone else’s part. Or really of my own, other than lift, chew, repeat. And when you’re a mom, it’s all about those things. Five minutes to really enjoy something for just you, no matter what it is. Even if it’s just eating a cookie. Or six…

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Baby It’s Cold Outside January 20, 2008

My house smells like Vicks VapoRub. Well, it smells like VapoRub and Baby Rub. I am armed with two kinds of Tylenol, two kinds of rub and the ever so popular saline spray and aspirator. My kids are soooo in love with me right now!! They’re yelling more than usual at my approach. 🙂

Add to it that it’s maybe 9 degrees in Ohio tonight, there’s no school tomorrow and the coffeemaker has decided to take it’s leave. Whaa…? Yes, I understand the “conspiracy theory” right this minute. Mom-coffee+kids with colds+extra day WITH kids with colds= more chaos than you could ever. possibly. imagine.

I’m double stressed because this is Taylor’s first cold, and she’s still so little. I’m on Baby #3 and have never had a young infant with a cold. But, I think I’m handling it fairly well. I know what she can and can’t have, and she is in a shockingly good mood for someone so stuffy. I just feel so bad for her- she’s sniffly and then here Mommy comes with that damn nose thingy again. I’d scream about it, too!

My plan to survive? Get the monsters in bed, make some hot tea and soak in a hot bath for a bit. Probably with my Nora Roberts. And quite possibly some tequila.
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Scatterbrain January 11, 2008

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That is the perfect word to describe me. Or at least it’s the nicest! I am one of those people who always seems to have Big Ideas. Which is all well and good, except I am NOT one of those people with Big Ideas who follow through. I try, really, but my mind is always racing in a hundred different directions, and there’s always something to do, say, or try. This annoys my husband to no end. You know, one of those traits that, in the beginning, is considered quirky and/or endearing. The ones that quickly become “my God, can’t you just stop doing that?!”

Right now my focus is even more out of focus, thanks to our newbie and the fact that there is not enough caffeine on the planet to compete with her sleep schedule. Or lack of schedule, I should say. She’ll set a pattern for a couple of days and I’ll start to relax. Go ahead, laugh. This is my third baby; I of all people should know better. She likes to keep me on my toes. She’ll be wide awake, grinning at me as if to say “I slept through Matt and Meredith for three days, didn’t I Mom? Let you have a cup of coffee and wake up a little? Yeah, well that’s never going to happen again.” And she so means it.

I’m into the presidential race this year, more than I have ever been. The last two… well, let’s just say eight years ago I hoped for the best. Four years ago I crossed everything from my eyes to my toes and spent days after damning our country for damning itself. This year is really interesting to me, though, and I’m definitely not alone. I think everyone feels that air of change, that excitement of the chase, the race. There’s a thrill to it because the candidates are all so diverse, in both parties. It’s refreshing to see the changes, even before the new Chief steps into office.

My only complaint is the standard smear campaigns. I understand you want to win, I get that you want to expose all the reasons your opponents shouldn’t, but it doesn’t seem to be just the candidates this time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i personally feel that some are being portrayed a bit unfairly, if not semi viciously, by some of the press. And that, to me, is where personal opinion has to be tempered. Not everyone likes the same people, policies and so forth… which is why we have an election. We vote, we elect. Or at least that’s how it USUALLY works. **coughs**

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to grab that always needed cup of joe and catch a little of Matt and Meredith this morning. As the world keeps on changin’ and my little insomniac smiles through her bink. 🙂


Down With the System! January 10, 2008

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I’ve been thinking for awhile now that the system in the house doesn’t work very well. It’s been up in the air since the baby arrived, which is fairly normal when introducing a new member into an already scatter-brained crew. But this… this is absolutely driving me up the effing wall to the point of yanking my hair our and banging my head against any hard surface. That, perhaps, would result in unconsciousness. Which would result in maybe a little accidental sleep. And maybe that would clear the fog in my brain. Something has to, for God’s sake.

I think we’re all running on “E” right now, and only superior will, stubbornness and adrenaline are keeping me on my feet. Or my ass. Take your pick, really. But, we need a new system. One fully equipped with time management strategies for the Extremely Disorganized Procrastinators that we are, especially the Sleep Deprived variety we have become.

Right now there is barely time to pee, let alone have a lot of quality family time. Any ideas????


Google Superstar January 8, 2008

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I just googled myself. I know, this is sad, possibly even pathetic. But it turned out to be a huge perk me up, because the first 3 pages on the search engine are all me! About a book I had published, or my various old sites, etc., but still all me. It’s pretty weird to see that stuff, lemme tell ya. To actually see pages with your own self, not “a person that has your name but isn’t you.” I’m lucky that way, I suppose. My first name is semi unique, but my 1st and last together? I seriously doubt there are a lot of Autumn LeBeau’s in the world. And there we have it, the anonymity is gone!

Not to worry, various friends, people I know, and family members- none of you, outside of the kids and handsomely bearded husband- shall be named. Some of you… **sigh**.. it would be so tempting to name you, but that would be out of the desire to say not-so-nice things about you, and have the entire world know who I’m saying them about. So I’ll refrain, mostly because I could so get sued otherwise. We’ll pretend it’s because I’m a decent person, won’t we?

So now that everybody knows my name, does that mean I need to be censored for fear of opinions? To remain “typical”? Nope. I’ve lived that life long enough, and it is not fulfilling, the constant worry of what impressions you make, or what might be said behind your back. So here I go, waving a middle finger cheerily at the judgmental. My house is unorganized, I have tons of dirty laundry (of all kinds, people), my kids drive me nuts -a lot- and I’m definitely not your typical housewife or mom. Just like my family is far from “typical.” Chaotic, frustrating, funny, lovable, disorganized, crazed…. but 100% unique.

Judge me, talk about me, love me or hate me. That’s your call. Just keep “typical” as far from us as you can. To be typical would be the ultimate insult.


The Intro -aka Reasons To Read, Or Avoid This Blog January 4, 2008

Hello all of you in Blog World. Since this is my first post, I thought I’d do a brief intro as well as a warning of sorts to those of you who enjoy reading people’s blogs. And there’s nothing wrong with that- it’s interesting to get a glimpse into someone else’s world, and I do it as much as I can get away with. : )

First off, like my profile says, I’m 29, have 3 kids and am a full time mom. I have two daughters, oldest 7 years, youngest 7 weeks, and one son, who turns six today. I also have a husband and a small menagerie of cats. I’m an animal person, to a fault, and the menagerie is ever growing, to my husband’s (at first) chagrin, (followed by) abject horror, & (replaced finally with) threats upon my well being should I attempt to add another furry creature to this household. Ever. At any time. In the future. Did I mention EVER?

I can be pretty long winded, so when I blog, don’t expect short and sweet. Well, ok, don’t ever pop in expecting sweet. I’m not a shiny happy person, even on a good day, and some days I’m really a bitch. But I’m honest and opinionated, and unapologetic for my views on the world, including my household and the way it’s run. Sometimes it runs smoothly, and other days I’m left wondering why it is like wrestling with wild animals to get anything done.

I’m starting out with comments open and I do welcome any opinion, feedback, etc. But, if you send me hate mail, I’m going to post it. In it’s entirety. No matter who you are. And expect incessant mocking, ridicule, and perhaps a profanity laced response. On a good day. And right now, there are few of those- right now is a haze of sleep deprivation, adjustment, and wondering when the hell these so called “baby blues” will go away. Because just when you think they have….

Anyway, that’s my first blog. It’s not always gonna be savvy or sassy in here, humor filled or even entertaining. But it will always be real, always be honest and always be where I’m at when I’m writing. Like my life, this blog promises to be a friggin roller coaster… so strap in.