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Rolling the Dice January 27, 2008

Sometimes I have a really hard time coming up with a subject line. Is it just me, or does anyone else ever sit and wonder just what to put in that space? It isn’t as if I ever talk about just one subject- I am usually all over the place with my posts, so one subject line seems, at times, too little. It’s usually a little of the kids, some of the outside world, maybe a chocolate fetish… it’s a mixed bag. So, if my subject lines are a little weird sometimes, that’s why.

I have been avoiding the news for the last week or so. Even my two favorites, The View, and Today, have been carefully picked through. Why? Because sometimes, enough is enough and it’s time to let go and move on. There comes a point where things become more and more an invasion of others’ private moments and less the general public’s business or concern. Yes, I’m talking about the death of Heath Ledger. It’s a sad, tragic and shocking event, but enough is enough. As a parent, I feel for his child and for his own parents. As a person, I find it sad and upsetting when one loses their life so soon. But I do not feel that anyone’s passing needs to be speculated on in as many ways, for as many days, as this has been. It is none of our business what he did or didn’t have in his apartment, whether he was fully clothed, naked, or upside down on a trapeze. It simply doesn’t matter. A young man is dead, a child without a father. Why does his name need to be smeared, or semi smeared, so gleefully? That sort of thing just blows my mind. Let’s just leave it at this- he was a talented guy, a doting father, and a son and brother to people who loved him. His passing is tragic and my heart goes out to his loved ones at this time. I pray they can find the peace to grieve, and that Heath himself will rest peacefully.

Moving on. I got to go shopping yesterday. For the whole day. Without the children. My best and oldest girl friend and I headed off for some kid free shopping and it was a blissful day. No one was crying, fighting, clamoring or running around like a maniac. We got coffee, strolled around, had a nice lunch… it was so something I needed, and she did too. It wasn’t even the shopping, or spending money (all I got myself was a hoodie jacket) it was having some girl time without little ones. Even though at least 75% of the conversation was about the kids. That is a total Mom thing and can’t be escaped!

But, it was nice to sit back and have some time off from being Mom. We do need it once in awhile, and it sent me home relaxed, happy to see the kids and spend time with them. I was less impatient and harried, you know? Your mind gets so wrapped around laundry, homework, diapers, dinner, etc., that it’s harder and harder to actually enjoy them as much as you can when you have that break and come back to it. Cause sometimes you have to be more than Mom, more than the butt wiper. Sometimes it’s nice to just be YOU, with a good friend and some laughs. And that’s ok. It’s hard not to feel guilty for needing those breaks, but no one is SuperWoman. A recharge is totally acceptable, and if anyone says otherwise, tell them to kiss your happy, relaxed ass. What good is Mommy when she’s yanking her hair out from rushing around all the time?

My motto is simple- a happier Mom makes a happier family as a whole. And that goes for Dad, too. The happier one is in their own existence, the less resentment and all that other negative stuff there is floating around. Happiness bleeds over from you into other areas- same as anger, stress, etc. So why not accentuate the positives?

A Mommy Mission for you- call up a friend and get out of the house, sans kids. For an hour, or two. Go for coffee, go to lunch. Go for a stroll through a mall or something. Just to catch a breath. It can make a world of difference!

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One Response to “Rolling the Dice”

  1. Mommy Mission sounds like a great idea to me! 🙂

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