Confessions of a (Not So )Domestic Diva

The Cookie Formerly Known as “Uh-Oh!” January 21, 2008

It’s not a secret that I have a love affair with cookies. And cake. And… ok, almost anything that is a sweet treat, I’m there. But, I have my favorites, just like everyone else, and while I’m usually a soft, chewy cookie kind of gal, there’s one cookie that seems to top ’em all.

I’m crazy for Oreo’s. Not just the regular or Double Stuf variety, either. Oh no, not me- that would be too simple. While there isn’t an Oreo I’d refuse (or stop at one ..or six.. at) there is one Oreo that makes my heart, and taste buds, go mad.

I am absolutely nuts for the Golden Oreo’s with chocolate creme. These are the cookies I hide from the children, seriously. Isn’t that awful? I mean, sometimes we buy extras with cookies or donuts, whatever, so Jim and I can have a little something for ourselves, but I hide entire bags of these cookies from my children. And eat them on the sly.

Why am I devoting an entire post to cookies?? Especially cookies of the not baked by me variety? Because Jim recently re-discovered these for me, and I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy them. Which is, obviously, a lot. But, I’m mainly devoting a post to cookies because it’s a guilty pleasure. A simple pleasure- something that makes me super happy and takes almost no effort on anyone else’s part. Or really of my own, other than lift, chew, repeat. And when you’re a mom, it’s all about those things. Five minutes to really enjoy something for just you, no matter what it is. Even if it’s just eating a cookie. Or six…

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4 Responses to “The Cookie Formerly Known as “Uh-Oh!””

  1. I so understand what you mean about taking 5 minutes for yourself . . .any eating that I do, seems to be of the “ready,set,inhale!” variety!

  2. we_be_toys Says:

    Mmmmm! I love those! I’m not usually a vanilla cookie fan, or really, a store-bought cookie fan, but yeah, those little Uh-ohs are the bomb!

    Who says you can’t devote a post to cookies? I’ve done it before! So at least you know you’re not alone!

  3. Too funny! I have a Baby Blues cartoon hanging up that had the Mom putting all sorts of stuff in a cup (lemon juice, tea, tabasco-i think) and the Dad asked if that was good and she said no but it’s the only thing I can have w/o the kids asking for some. I thought that was so true. I haven’t been able to do the sneaking thing very well. I think they have radar ears for cookie packages but not for “clean your room!”.

  4. Autumn LeBeau Says:

    Kids hear any kind of wrapper being opened. Period. Then comes “Whatcha got, Mom?” I love the cartoon, though! That is life here, for sure!

    I am in the inhale phase of things. It is starting to slow down, and meals are slowly becoming warmer, LOL. But having kids means there’s always something to be done. Even at dinner, something needs done, someone needs help…. and Mom’s food beter be quick or it’s cold!

    Those uh-oh’s are great! I’m usually a homemade cookie girl, too, but there’s something about the Oreo’s! And I’m so glad I’m not alone, LOL… I may end up devoting a lot of posts to junk food!

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